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10 reasons why small businesses need a website

Do you ever wonder why small businesses need a website? Well, here are 10 reasons (out of 100’s) that I put together that can help. You might have a small business and wonder, ‘why do I need a website? I am not big enough or my customers/clients don’t use a computer’.

Well, I am here to help you learn how having a website can help you find more business, impress the people that matter, make more money (and save you money) and more!

1. Your business can be communicating to your customers 24/7.

No need for a closed sign again! Your business can work beyond the 9am to 5pm. You can reach your customers 24/7 with a website! If you have a store, you can keep your products online 24/7 and you will never have to close the doors on a sale. If you do not sell products, that’s ok too! How many times do you get the same questions about your services? That takes up so much of your time, doesn’t it? No worries! A website can feature a wealth of information (including a FAQs or a Frequently Asked Questions page) that can answer all of the redundant questions.

2. Your business will be more liked by Google!

Just in case you didn’t know, being liked by Google is one of the best things for your business! Your business can show up in more Google searches with a website. You can even target certain keywords or search terms to ensure that your business is showing up at the right times!

3. Customers expect to find you online.

Surprisingly, not all small businesses have websites. When a customer is doing their research, do you want to be the only business they looked at that didn’t have a website where they can easily get information? Customers in today’s digital world want information NOW. The best way to get that to them is by having a website!

4. Websites provide social reliability.

Your website can feature your best customer testimonials for all future customers to see. This helps you become more trustworthy and reliable. Consumers love to read reviews! What a better way to control which reviews they see by placing them directly onto your website!

5. A reputation that you control.

Unfortunately, you can’t control what is posted about your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter or Instagram. Some customers are just insatiable and they like to post about it all over the internet. A website can help keep your reputation great by conveying your side of the story! You can show your customers your business personality, your mission and philosophy all throughout your website. This also helps combat those negative comments by allowing customers to share the good stuff onto social media directly from your website!

6. All of your competitors have websites.

Ok. Maybe not ALL of your competitors but I think that it is safe to assume that most of them have a website. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you! Stay up to date by getting a website for your small business!

7. A website can be a great source for lead generation.

It is not only a great source for lead generation, it is an effortless source of lead generation. Once your website is set up, it generates the leads for you. Your customers come to you! Half of the work is already done. Your ROI is very good here!

8. Customers love great customer service.

You can provide great customer service through your website in lots of ways. Let your customers be the first to know of new products or upcoming sales, provide previous customers with a special place to get VIP access to products or events or you can even provide easy and more convenient ways for your customers to reach you!

9. Your business can broaden it’s reach.

When you get a website, your market reach just expanded exponentially. You can now provide services or products globally! You don’t have to if you are not prepared for this, however, the possibilities are endless!

10. Your website can give that first impression!

You never get a second chance to give a first impression. Your website can be a great way to make an unforgettable first impression! Your business style, values and products can all be portrayed with a website that your customers won’t forget!


I hope these were helpful! If you would like to add to my list, comment below! If you need help getting a website, contact me! I can help!

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