Maintenance Packages

Free up time by letting me worry about your website maintenance!

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Theme and plugins kept up to date

Themes and plugins are releasing updates all. the. time! If they aren't updated soon after release, it could create security problems. 


Premium website security included and regular run scans

I will include a premium security software with every maintenance plan and be sure to run regular scans of your site to stop any problems in their tracks!


Monthly updates from me about how your website is doing!

I will stay in contact with you so you don't miss a beat! I will let you know of any updates, backups, or concerns on your site. 


Monthly backups of your site

Hopefully, nothing happens. But, as a backup measure, I will keep backups of your site so if there ever is a problem, it can be easily fixed. 


Monthly website changes per client

Sometimes, things change. I can help you keep your website updated to keep up with your business changes. Examples include a change in business hours, a logo change, color changes, pictures added, etc. 


Google Analytics

(Plus Plan only) I will include Google Analytics on your site and provide monthly updates on your website traffic. This will help you know where all of your viewers are coming from and help you know where to put all of your marketing dollars. 

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