Website Maintenance

We will keep weekly backups, keep your website secure and provide weekly analytics of your website to keep you informed of how your website is performing. We also understand that things change often. Do you want to offer a new product? Are you expanding? We can make monthly or even weekly changes to your website to keep your customers informed. Contact us to find out more!


Website maintenance is very important when having a website. More than half of all websites online use WordPress. I even use WordPress for most of the websites that I create. WordPress often needs updated to stay secure. Many websites also use plugins to better assist their viewers. These plugins also need to be updated to keep your website safe from vulnerabilities and looking just the way you left it. Backing up your website is also very important. If you don’t have backups, you could risk losing all of your website information. Lastly, do you know where you are getting website traffic from? Do you know how people are getting to your site, how many people are visiting or where they are from? These are great things to know because you can use this information to your advantage. All of these problems can be solved with website maintenance. We offer different website packages to fit your needs!

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